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We do Not do any grooming 
 Google is providing misinformation

 Due to the Covid 19 we are temporarily not do any pet boarding


Our facility is located on 1/3 acre enclosed with five foot chain link.   We have indoor/outdoor dog runs.   Each outdoor run is 11 foot long enclosed with seven foot high industrial grade chain link on a concrete pad. Each run has a privacy petition.  There is also a chain link top on the runs to ensure maximum security.  Dog houses are inside an adjoining cinder block building that is climate controlled (air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter) for your Special Pet's comfort.  Dog houses are four feet from front to back and the width of the adjoining run.  Pets can go in and out as they choose.

Kuranda beds are also provided for your pet's comfort.  KURANDA DOG BEDS ~ Proven in Kennels, Shelters, and Homes since 1995 ~

You can purchase your own Kuranda Dog Bed(s) at

  • There is a six foot parameter fence beyond the runs set in 18" concrete footings.
  • There is a mercury security light that comes on at dusk and goes off at daylight.
  • There is plenty of secure area for your Special Pet to enjoy one on one supervised Play Time.
    (Available upon request at an additional cost.)

  • The facility is located approximately 50' behind our residence.

Play Time at Pampered Pet Resort

Play Time Area

The roof extends over the outdoor runs like a covered patio extending from a house.  Your Special Pet gets the nice morning sun, but is protected from extremes and inclement weather.


Runs are cleaned several times a day and washed to maintain a sanitary environment for your Special Pet.

Water is kept fresh.  Pets are closely monitored  and given TLC and personal attention throughout the day.

Their behavior, eating, drinking and eliminations are closely monitored. 

We have On-Call Veterinarians available if your pet should need medical attention.

Dr. Gary Gowans - (435) 882-4100
Dr. Joe Roundy - (435) 882-1051
Dr. Jon McCormick - (435) 882-1051

Cats are housed in a climate controlled area separate from the dogs.  They are provided with a lounging platform for their enjoyment.  Stereo music is provided for a home-type atmosphere.  There is also a window for their viewing pleasure. 


Food is prepared and dishes washed in our kitchen area.  We feed Purina Products if that's satisfactory.  

Keeping in mind a sudden change in food may cause your pet some intestinal upset.  For this reason most clients choose to bring their own food.

We have a small refrigerator for items that need to be kept cool.