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For more than 30 years the "Pampered Pet Resort" in Grantsville has served as a "pet motel" for dogs and cats in need of a home away from home while their owners were out of town.  

Connie Durfee, owner and manager of Pampered Pet Resort, received her license and began the business at her residence in Grantsville back in 1975, which was actually the first licensed boarding facility to start up in Tooele County.   "At first we were licensed because of our own pets, but later our friends and neighbors started asking if we could take care of their pets for them," Durfee said.   At that point I realized there was such an interest and need for pet care in this area and I knew I could provide that service.  Her home-based business grew by leaps and bounds with new clients every year.   With the business expanding so did the accommodations.     

She has also raised and showed Miniature Smooth Dachshunds.  Connie had the good fortune of having the first five AKC Champion Miniature Smooth Dachshunds in the state of Utah.  Several other champion Dachshunds in the state have came from her line of dogs.

"My whole life has been very pet-oriented, so I feel like I have always been in tune with their needs."  said Durfee.

Pampered Pet cares for domestic cats and dogs of all sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  The weight of dogs has ranged from a very tiny three pounds to an incredible 150 pounds.   

Each dog or cat must also be healthy, and arrive with veterinary proof of complete current vaccinations.   Both of the veterinarians in Tooele are also familiar with their vaccination requirements.   

The dog accommodations have indoor/outdoor runs with privacy petitions between each run.  The roof comes out over the runs like a covered patio that extends from a house.   Doghouses are inside an adjoining cinder block building that is climate controlled with a forced air furnace in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.  Pets can go in and out as they choose.  There is a well-stocked kitchen area complete with a refrigerator for pets that have items that needs to be kept cool.  "Cats are housed in a separate area from the dogs to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for them," Durfee said.  

If clients choose to have one on one supervised playtime for their pet there is a large secure grassy area with trees adjoining a large gravel area.  Some pets would rather be more quiet and be brushed and just loved, while others have a higher energy levels and would rather chase a ball or just run and play.

She said our goal is providing the highest quality pet care and customer satisfaction with a very personalized touch.  Durfee said, people have made comments like, "I don't have to worry about my babies when they stay here." "You came highly recommend by another client, I am also happy with your services.",  "Every pet owner's dream, couldn't be more pleased.", "I'm so glad you're here, I'll be back next summer."  It's nice to know people feel comfortable bringing their pets here and that they don't have to worry about them. I've always worked closely with pets, and I really enjoy doing what I'm doing."

There is a lot more to caring for pets than just feeding and watering.  It is a huge responsibility that I take very seriously.  I make sure that I give each pet personal attention several times throughout the day. There is easy listening music played 24/7 to help provide a home-type soothing atmosphere, and just try to make them happy and comfortable in general.  The day's routine includes strict sanitation procedures.  Each pet's food and water dishes are washed daily.  Fresh water is available at all times. Our facility has also been inspected and Guide Dog approved.

Durfee said she stays busy year round.  "Our average stay for a pet is a week, but we get animals who stay as long as six months," she said. "Some people bring multiple pets to stay at our facility.  One person right now has five pets booked."   To ensure reservation availability for your pet it's always a good idea to book ahead of time.

After many years of providing pet services in Tooele County, Durfee said Pampered Pet Resort's primary form of advertisement has come from word of mouth.  They also have many clients from several states.  Some out of state clients return every year when they come to the area to visit family and friends.  Others may be here on business or pleasure trips to Miller Motorsports Park or Bonneville Sea Base.  We take care of peoples' pets for a variety of reasons to include when people go on vacation, are relocating to this area, building a new home, family emergencies to name a few.  

Durfee also said she looks forward to her business growing as Tooele County itself continues to grow.  It has been a pleasure to serve the residents of Tooele County as well as our out of state clients.  

Because of her strong love of animals, Durfee said the favorite part of her job is the satisfaction of seeing the animals warm up to her and being comfortable and happy during their stay at Pampered Pet Resort.

"The pets that have previously been here are happy to see us, and you can always tell when you interact with them," she said. "When they come back multiple times you can really see them continue to warm up and be even more at home. Animals really have the ability to read people very well."

Published in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin June 17th, 2008